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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfastfast1 /fɑːst $ fæst/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective  1 FAST/QUICKmoving quickly moving or able to move quickly a fast car He’s one of the fastest runners in the world.2 in a short timeSHORT TIME doing something or happening in a short time The subway is the fastest way to get downtown. The company must give a faster response to clients’ requests. The rain forests are being chopped down at an alarmingly fast rate. I’m a fast learner.3 clock [not before noun]TIME/RIGHT OR WRONG TIME a clock that is fast shows a later time than the real time That can’t be the time – my watch must be fast.five minutes/an hour etc fast I always keep my watch 15 minutes fast.4 fast track5 fast road6 fast film/lens7 colourDHC a colour that is fast will not change when clothes are washed colourfast8 sportsDSFAST/QUICK a fast surface is one on which a ball moves very quickly9 fast and furious10 somebody is a fast worker11 fast talker12 woman old-fashionedSY becoming involved quickly in sexual relationships with men fast cars and fast women13 fast friends fast food, fast-forward, fast lane, → make a fast buck at buck1(1), → pull a fast one at pull1(10)THESAURUSfast moving or able to move quicklyThe cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.a fast carquick moving fast or doing something in a short timeHe was much quicker than I was over the first 100 metres.Do I have time for a quick shower?high-speed [only before noun] designed to travel or operate very quicklya high-speed trainhigh-speed Internet accessrapid especially written happening in a short period of time – used about changes, increases, improvements etca rapid increase in the populationthe rapid expansion of the firm’s business in the Middle Easta rapid decline in profits swift written moving quickly or happening after only a short timeThe horses ran along the track at a swift trot.He received a swift response to his letter.brisk quick and energetica brisk walk in the countrysideHis manner was very brisk.speedy [only before noun] happening after only a short timeEveryone wishes you a speedy recovery.a speedy resolution to the problemhurried done more quickly than usual, because you do not have much timeShe ate a hurried breakfast in the cafe before catching her train.We made a hurried departure.hasty deciding or doing something very quickly, especially when this has bad resultsIt was a hasty decision, which he later regretted.Let’s not be too hasty.
Examples from the Corpus
fastIs it really 6:45, or is my watch fast?The new convertible is fast and fun to drive.The first pitch was fast and hard.Boeing's new plane is faster and more luxurious than anything else they have ever produced.Some in disbelief that a car so beautiful, so fast and so downright delicious could cost as little as £27,000.Despite its size, the buffalo is a very fast animal and can run up to thirty-five miles per hour.But I am not as fast as he is.When I was a kid, I was the fastest boy in my class.Dean always loved fast cars and expensive clothes.Other volunteers want to become fast friends and cultural advisers.Nevertheless, when moral considerations made a fast imperative, his body had no veto.I'm a pretty fast reader.We hope Arlene will make a fast recovery.One man's fast response saved a heart-attack victim's life.I keep the clock five minutes fast, so I won't be late.Rosa caught the fast train to London.Training for speed must work repeatedly on the fast twitch fibres on a stop - go basis.