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favouritefavourite2 British English, favorite American English ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 FAVOURITE/FAVORITEsomething that you like more than other things of the same kind Can we have strawberries? They’re my favourite.an old/firm/particular favourite a sweater that’s an old favoritefavourite with Dahl’s books are firm favourites with children.2 FAVOURITE/FAVORITEsomeone who is liked and treated better than others by a teacher or parent You always were Dad’s favourite.play favorites American English (=treat one person better than others) The manager insisted he doesn’t play favorites. favouritism3 DSEXPECTthe team, player etc that is expected to win a race or competitionfavourite to do something Italy were the favourites to win the World Cup. He was the hot favourite for the Booker Prize.4 favourites
Examples from the Corpus
favouriteMy current favourite is a street in Acton, west London.I love all his films but 'Rashomon' is my favourite.The recipe of the old favourite is being changed after 60 years in a bid to lick the recession.But G.G. Gallup's mirror experiments, from the mid-1970s, are a particular favourite of those prowling for overt evidence.Admit it, you were always Mom's favourite.And they've returned to their favourite in Minehead, Somerset, 126 times.hot favouriteHardy was a hot favourite before the fight and did not let a sell-out crowd down by producing the expected victory.He is hot favourite for a semi-final place.And you are the hot favourite, bonny lass.The hot favourite at 6-4 was Craganour.