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fieldfield2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 PMPPVif you field a team, an army etc, they represent you or fight for you in a competition, election, or war The Ecology Party fielded 109 candidates. We fielded a team of highly talented basketball players.2 ANSWER/REPLYto answer questions, telephone calls etc, especially when there are a lot of them or the questions are difficult The Minister fielded questions on the Middle East. The press office fielded numerous calls from the media.3 be fielding4 DSif you field the ball in a game of cricket or baseball, you stop it after it has been hit→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
fieldHis instinct was aggressive in all respects, especially in the fielding.Babyface, despite having fielded a record-tying 12 nominations, netted only a few of the tiny gramophones.He fielded a soccer team with Argentinean and Brazilian talent.Carlton fielded all five grounders hit his way.He unlatched his web again and swam about the cockpit, fielding flotsam.Ulster fielded four new caps, but were not overawed by a Saltire side which included six internationalists.fielded ... teamLeeds fielded a team of youngsters.fielded ... callsHe fielded the phone calls and promised answers - answers which never came.Later, they fielded the phone calls from recruiters, sat for home visits and helped their daughters sort out offers.