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fight‧er [countable]
1 also fighter plane/aircraft/jetPMP a small fast military plane that can destroy other planes:
He was shot down by enemy fighters.
2DS someone who fights, especially as a sport
3 someone who keeps trying to achieve something in difficult situations:
James is a fighter - he never gives up.
firefighter, freedom fighterWORD FOCUS: plane WORD FOCUS: plane
similar words: airplane also aeroplane British English, aircraft

planes that carry people: passenger plane, airliner, jumbo

a military plane: warplane, bomber, fighter

people on a plane: pilot, co-pilot, captain, flight crew, cabin crew, passenger, flight attendant, steward, air hostess

the place where a plane lands or takes off: runway, the tarmac, airport, aerodrome BrE old-fashioned

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