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flipflip2 noun [countable]  1 TURNan action in which you make a flat object such as a coin go upwards and turn over in the air syn toss In the end the decision was made by the flip of a coin.2 DSJUMPa movement in which you jump up and turn over in the air, so that your feet go over your head syn somersault I tripped and almost did a backward flip down the stairs.3 an action in which you turn the pages of a book or newspaper quickly, especially because you are looking for something syn flickflip through I had a quick flip through my cookery books and found a recipe that sounded quite nice.
Examples from the Corpus
flipIt'll be decided by a flip of a coin.Any flip of the remote control will serve up countless images of graphic violence.a backward flipThe guys tapped on their heels, balanced precariously and even attempted a few body flips.His craggy features dissolved into a breathtakingly attractive smile, and Robbie felt her insides give the oddest little flip.