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follow-through in Sport topic

follow-throughˈfollow-through noun [singular]  1 DSthe continued movement of your arm after you have hit the ball in tennis, golf etcfollow through2 FINISH DOING somethingthe things that someone does in order to complete a planfollow through The budget has to cover not only the main project but the follow-through.
Examples from the Corpus
follow-throughThe enthusiastic, spontaneous idea-generator type worker will probably not be as organized and good at follow-through.The final step to the process, then, is follow-through.Soft money helped pay for the contract and its follow-through, just as it helped finance the Democratic counterattack.This kind of follow-through provides children with important lessons in reading strategies.All the follow-through was in accord with these themes.The budget covers not only the main project but the follow-through.The follow-through not only helps children meet their responsibility, it also fosters the growth of good work habits and autonomy.