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1 adjective
friend‧ly1 S2 W3 comparative friendlier, superlative friendliest
1 behaving towards someone in a way that shows you like them and are ready to talk to them or help them [≠ unfriendly]:
a friendly smile
I've found a great pub - good beer and a friendly atmosphere.
friendly to/towards
Why is he suddenly so friendly towards you, Charlotte?

be friendly with somebody

to be friends with someone:
Betty's very friendly with the Jacksons.
3 not at war with your own country, or not opposing you [≠ hostile]:
friendly nations
4 British EnglishDS a friendly game is played for pleasure or practice, and not because it is important to win:
a friendly match against AC Milan

user-friendly/customer-friendly etc

not difficult for particular people to understand or use:
a user-friendly computer program
a customer-friendly shopping mall

environmentally-friendly/ozone-friendly/eco-friendly etc

not harmful to the environment, ozone layer etc:
eco-friendly washing powder

friendly fire

PMW bombs, bullets etc that accidentally kill people who are fighting on the same side
friendliness noun [uncountable]

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