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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoal lineˈgoal line noun [countable]  DSa line at either end of the playing area in sports such as football or hockey, along which the goal is placed
Examples from the Corpus
goal lineThe swing from defence on our own goal line, the attack from deep?It showed the puck crossing the goal line at 19: 59. 9.Then they reconsidered and placed the ball inches from the goal line where, on fourth down, Young sneaked in.However, the goal line may be unclear and the rules of the game are constantly being revised.I gather there was a defender on the goal line so Strachan couldn't have been offside at all.McNown self-propelled, 11 yards, hurtling over the goal line as if he were playing rugby.Novacek is the man Aikman counts on in short-yardage situations and close to the goal line.Joseph reacted in time to squeeze the puck in his pads before falling back toward the goal line.