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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoallessgoal‧less /ˈɡəʊl-ləs $ ˈɡoʊl-/ adjective  DSa goalless match is one in which no goals are scored
Examples from the Corpus
goallessThere was no doubting Hearts' superiority in this goalless affair.Johns made a second-half appearance for the Reserves in a goalless draw at Darlington and caught the next train back to London.This was obviously the case last January, when the teams fought out a goalless draw in grim weather at Ayresome Park.Aided by luck, West Ham held on and it was a goalless draw.After a goalless first half, Dave Matthews netted for Heybridge only to be given ruled offside.The goalless first half finished on a controversial note when Cambridge were denied an advantage after winger Lee Philpott was felled.Chester played out a goalless game at Bristol City.