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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoalpostgoal‧post /ˈɡəʊlpəʊst $ ˈɡoʊlpoʊst/ noun [countable usually plural]  1 DSone of the two posts, with a bar along the top or across the middle, that form the goal in games such as football and hockey syn post2 move/shift the goalposts
Examples from the Corpus
goalpostThe traditional Shrove Tuesday football match is to move its goalposts 100 yards downstream.I was checked into the net and my head hit the goalpost.The only good thing about his rude awakening was the discovery of a gigantic hedgehog behind one of the goalposts.He was critical, too, of government sources for changing the position of the goalposts when defining economic recovery.He walked ninety-eight yards for the winning touchdown and when they got the flashlight fixed, there he was under the goalposts.Until the goalposts moved, roughly half of publicly listed firms in financial trouble opted for the private route.