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halfhalf2 ●●● S1 W2 noun (plural halves /hɑːvz $ hævz/) [countable]  1 50%SHARE one of two equal parts of something Two halves make a whole.one/two etc and a half (=1½, 2½ etc) My son’s three and a half now. an hour and a half later two and a half thousand peoplefirst/second/other half (of something) in the first half of the 19th century He kept the other half of the cake for himself.top/bottom/northern etc half (of something) A veil covered the lower half of her face. the southern half of the countrybreak/cut/tear etc something in half (=into two equal parts) She tore the piece of paper in half.reduce/cut something by half (=make something 50% smaller) a plan to cut European forces by half2 sportDS one of the two parts into which a sports event is dividedfirst/second half France played very well in the first half.3 playerDSF a player who plays in the middle part of the field in sports like football, rugby etc the 23-year-old Newcastle centre half4 beer British EnglishDFD a half of a pint of beerhalf of Can I have a half of lager, please?5 ticket British EnglishTT a child’s ticket, for example on a bus or train, that is cheaper than an adult’s ticket One and a half to Waterloo, please. 6 a ... and a half7 the half of it8 your better half/other half9 not do something by halves10 go halves (on something)11 too clever/rich/good etc by half12 how the other half livesCOLLOCATIONSverbsbreak/cut/tear something in half (=into two equal pieces)He tore the paper in half.divide/split something in halfDivide the dough in half.reduce/cut something by half (=make something 50% smaller or 50% less)The company has reduced the number of staff by half.decrease/fall by half (=become 50% less)Share prices fell by half.increase/rise by half (=become 50% more)The number of passengers using the service has increased by half.adjectivesthe top/bottom halfHe graduated in the top half of his law school class.the upper/lower halfThe upper half of the door contained a stained glass window.the northern/southern halfThe northern half of the city is generally poorer.the first/second halfProfits doubled in the first half of the year.the other halfHalf the patients were given the drug and the other half were given a sugar pill.the last/latter halfHe struggled with ill health in the latter half of his life.phrasesone/two etc and a half‘How old is she?’ ‘Five and a half.’
Examples from the Corpus
halfAfter an hour and a half, you too may find yourself chanting, Save us Jackie, save us.Especially since I said to David about a week and a half ago and then.The referee added seven minutes of injury time in a stop-start first half.The home side went ahead through Thierry Henry in the first half and Nwankwo Kanu in the second.Slice loin and place on other half of plate; drizzle with oil and sprinkle with basil.It was even Steven in the second half, but towards the end Gloucester roared into life.reduce/cut something by halfDeglaze pan with nut-brown ale and reduce liquid by half. 3.Remove the pears to a bowl, place the saucepan on the heat and reduce the sauce by half.This eminently reasonable development cut their sales by half.Our reckoning is that we should cut that by half.It hopes to reduce consumption by half by the year 2025.We reduced it by half and like the result very much.first/second halfThe goalless first half finished on a controversial note when Cambridge were denied an advantage after winger Lee Philpott was felled.During the first half of the 1980s, these cries actually put people to sleep.I now invite you to complete the enclosed form detailing your sports events for the second half of the year.While the deals continued, there was a palpably different mood about the show from the second half of the week onwards.But teams have shot better in the second half against us.They kept the Niners' defense on the field for almost 21 minutes in the first half, under a searing sky.It sold 234,000 tons in the first half.In the second half the work began to change dramatically.centre halfHow long will he go on buying midfield players when what we still need is a centre half?Noo there wis a centre half.Although a recognised left back, Jimmy Phillips had experience at centre half with Rangers.Curtis Fleming has been tried at centre half in two recent Central League games but lacks experience for a key job.With Beeny in goal and Newsome and Wetherall at centre half did the defence look more assured?Crewe centre half, Darren Carr got the header as the Hereford defence stood and watched.Boss Billy Bonds has been impressed in training by the 23-year-old centre half from Partisan Belgrade.Why did we not buy another younger centre half?