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2 noun
half2 S1 W2 plural halves [countable]


one of two equal parts of something:
Two halves make a whole.
one/two etc and a half (=1½, 2½ etc)
My son's three and a half now.
an hour and a half later
two and a half thousand people
first/second/other half (of something)
in the first half of the nineteenth century
He kept the other half of the cake for himself.
top/bottom/northern etc half (of something)
A veil covered the lower half of her face.
the southern half of the country
break/cut/tear etc something in half (=into two equal parts)
She tore the piece of paper in half.
reduce/cut something by half (=make something 50% smaller)
a plan to cut European forces by half


DS one of the two parts into which a sports event is divided
first/second half
France played very well in the first half.


DSF a player who plays in the middle part of the field in sports like football, rugby etc:
the 23-year-old Newcastle centre half


British EnglishDFD a half of a pint of beer
half of
Can I have a half of lager, please?


British EnglishTT a child's ticket, for example on a bus or train, that is cheaper than an adult's ticket:
One and a half to Waterloo, please.

a ... and a half

informal used when you think that something is very unusual or surprising, or very good:
That was a meal and a half!

the half of it

spoken used to emphasize that a situation is more difficult, complicated, or unpleasant than people realize:
Everyone knows she's a difficult girl, but they don't know the half of it.

your better half/other half

old-fashioned used humorously to mean your husband or wife

not do something by halves

to do something very eagerly and using a lot of care and effort:
I'm sure it will be a fantastic wedding. Eva never does anything by halves.

go halves (on something)

to share something, especially the cost of something, equally between two people:
Do you want to go halves on a pizza?

too clever/rich/good etc by half

British English informal very clever, rich etc in an annoying way:
That boy's too arrogant by half.

how the other half lives

SS how people who are much richer or much poorer than you manage their lives, work, money etc

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