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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhammerham‧mer1 /ˈhæmə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 tool_hammer.jpg tool a) TZa tool with a heavy metal part on a long handle, used for hitting nails into wood b) TZa tool like this with a wooden head used to make something flat, make a noise etc an auctioneer’s hammer2 come/go under the hammer3 hammer blow4 hammer and tongs5 gunPMW the part of a gun that hits the explosive charge that fires a bullet6 sportDS a heavy metal ball on a wire with a handle at the end, which you throw as far as possible as a sport7 pianoAPM a wooden part of a piano that hits the strings inside to make a musical sound
Examples from the Corpus
hammerThe Plot John Henry was born with a hammer in his hand and was the strongest baby anybody had ever seen.Milk, two ice cubes crushed with a hammer between two squares of paper towel, and Maalox.John Henry threw his hammer and snuffed out the fuse.Any friction at the hammer pivot will slow down the movement of the hammer, tending to make the action sluggish.Now move the wooden handle of the hammer gradually over the edge of the table.The hammers in Stein's vis-à-vis piano action point away from the player.The hammers in Streicher's down-striking action point towards the player.