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inin2 ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 IN/INSIDEinto or inside a container, place, vehicle etc opp out Eric held the boat steady while the children got in. He went to the ticket machine and put a coin in. She dived in and swam out to the yacht.2 HEREinside or into a building, especially your home or the place where you work opp out Come in and sit down. I’m afraid Mr Stewart won’t be in until tomorrow morning. We’re staying in this evening.3 ARRIVEif a train, boat, or plane is in, it has arrived at a station, airport etc Our train’s not in yet. When’s her flight due in?4 ARRIVEgiven or sent to a person or organization to be dealt with by them All entries must be in by next week. Letters have been pouring in from all over the country. Have you handed your essay in yet?5 PROVIDEif you write, paint, or draw something in, you add it in the correct place Fill in your name and address on the form provided. The information is typed in by trained keyboarders. 6 DSif a player or team is in during a game of cricket, they are batting (bat)7 DSif a ball is in during a game, it is inside the area where the game is being played opp out Agassi’s second serve was just in.8 if a politician or a political party is in, they have been elected Labour recorded its highest vote ever, but the Tories got in again.9 MIDDLEtowards the centre syn inward(s) The map had started to curl in at the edges.10 TTWwhen the tide is in, the sea by the shore is at its highest level opp out The tide was in, and the sea lapped against the harbour wall. 11 be in for something12 be in for it13 be/get in on something14 be in with somebody15 be in at the beginning/start (of something) have (got) it in for somebody at have2(41)
Examples from the Corpus
inWhat time does his bus get in?Don't write out cheques to your adviser - always make them payable to the company you're investing in.Nothing remained that had not been ripped, smashed or kicked in.Her second serve was just in.She pushed the box toward me so that I could put my money in.Should we wait out here, or should we go in?Long hair is in again.Alistair rushed in as we hoard the record loudly scraped off the turntable.Your final papers have to be in by Friday.Jody puts Jess in, hoping her intensity will spark some-thing.The Republicans are in now, but for how long?We need to make plans for next week, so are you in or out?Can you color in this picture of a teddy bear for me?You're never in when I call.Ms. Shaewitz isn't in yet this morning.Her flight's not in yet.Write in your name and address at the bottom.