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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinjury timeˈinjury ˌtime noun [uncountable] British English  DSplaying time added on to a game such as football because of time lost when players are injuredextra time
Examples from the Corpus
injury timeAndy Stevenson's powerful strike as half time approached was followed by an injury time free kick from Ian Helliwell.Game officials would tack on to the end of the game additional minutes consumed by injury time outs.But as soon as Blanco had dummied past a static defence Lions countered with their second try, in first-half injury time.Roy Myers kicked his fourth penalty in injury time after Redcar trailed 7-6 at half-time.It's starting to feel like we're in injury time.Speak made it 3-2 for Ballymena Utd in the second minute of injury time with a goal from close range.The referee added seven minutes of injury time in a stop-start first half.