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line-upˈline-up noun [countable usually singular] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 DSthe players in a sports team who play in a particular game πŸ”Š This was his first match in the starting line-up (=the players who begin the game).2 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people, especially performers, who have agreed to be involved in an event πŸ”Š The line-up included top bands Prodigy and Radiohead.3 ARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETCa number of events or programmes arranged to follow each other πŸ”Š a wonderful line-up of programmes for Christmas and the New Year4 especially American EnglishSC a row of people who stand in front of a witness to a crime, who is then asked if he or she recognizes any of them as the criminal syn identification parade British English
Examples from the Corpus
line-upβ€’ This was an unfamiliar Forest line-up.β€’ CBS has a great Wednesday night line-up.β€’ Andy hadn't a care in the world as he joked with a star-packed line-up of players.β€’ Second placed Sutton also name their most powerful line-up at home to Wavertree, for whom skipper Ian Morley returns.β€’ It's all part of an incredible Β£40,000 prize line-up.β€’ In the evening, the names of those who had been picked from the line-up were read out over the camp tannoy.β€’ Cordell may not be in the line-up for tonight's game.β€’ I stuck it till my teeth began to scream and then I ducked out of the line-up and no one noticed I'd gone.β€’ The line-up of performers includes Cher and Garth Brooks.β€’ Just look at this winning line-up!starting line-upβ€’ In the event the starting line-up went down to the wire.β€’ Bjornbye was immediately drafted into the party and could make a surprise appearance in the starting line-up at left back.β€’ And he found himself in the starting line-up when top scorer Chris Kiwomya went down with flu.β€’ Was this his first match in the starting line-up?β€’ Andy Payton was in the starting line-up with Stuart Ripley on the substitutes' bench.β€’ And a hamstring injury has put skipper Ellery Hanley out of the starting line-up against Rovers.