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markmark2 ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable]  1 dirtMARK a spot or dirty area on something that spoils its appearance I can’t get these marks out of my T-shirt. His feet left dirty marks all over the floor. The skid marks (=marks left by a car’s tyres) were over 30 feet long.2 damaged areaDAMAGE a cut, hole, or other small sign of damageburn/scratch/bite etc mark a burn mark on the kitchen table There were scratch marks all over the victim’s body.3 coloured areaMARK a small area of darker or lighter colour on a plain surface such as a person’s skin or an animal’s fur The kitten is mainly white with black marks on her back. birthmark4 writingSIGN/SYMBOL a shape or sign that is written or printed What do those strange marks at the top mean? Make a mark at the bottom of the page.5 level/number a particular level, number, amount etcpass/reach/approach etc the ... mark The temperature is not expected to reach the 20 degree mark in the next few days. In 1976 unemployment in Britain passed the one million mark.6 student’s work especially British EnglishRESULT/GRADE a letter or number given by a teacher to show how good a student’s work is syn grade American Englishgood/high mark The highest mark was a B+. Her marks have been a lot lower this term. She always gets good marks.pass mark (=the mark you need in order to pass an exam) The pass mark was 75%.full/top marks (=the highest possible mark) 7 full/top marks for effort/trying/persistence etc8 high/low mark9 make/leave your mark10 leave/make its mark on somebody/something11 off the mark/wide of the mark12 close to the mark13 be a mark of something14 a mark of respect/honour/affection etc15 Mark 2/6 etc16 hit/miss the mark17 be quick/slow/first etc off the mark18 not up to the mark19 the halfway mark20 bear the mark of something21 on your mark(s), get set, go!22 moneyPEC the standard unit of money used in Germany before the EURO23 signature old useSIGN YOUR NAME a sign in the form of a cross, used by someone who is not able to write their nameDo not use mark to mean ‘a product made by a particular company’. Use make or brand: an expensive make of camera | a well-known brand of toothpaste exclamation mark, → overstep the mark at overstep(2), → punctuation mark, question mark, speech marksCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2verbsmake a markHer lipstick had made a mark on his collar.leave a mark (=make a mark)The glass had left a mark on the table.remove a markThe product removes greasy marks from clothes.a mark comes off/outI can’t get this dirty mark to come out.a mark fades (=it gradually disappears)His scratch marks have faded, but the memories never will.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + mark a black markThere were black marks all over the floor.a dirty markWhat’s that dirty mark on your coat?a greasy markIt’s good for getting greasy marks off carpet.a tyre mark British English, a tire mark American English (=a mark left on the ground by a vehicle’s tyre)The track was pretty soft and there were tyre marks.a skid mark (=a long tyre mark caused by a car that has lost control)After the accident, two sets of skid marks were found.a scorch/burn mark (=a mark caused by burning)There appeared to be scorch marks on the ceiling.a stretch mark (=a mark on your skin caused by stretching)Most women get stretch marks when they have a baby.a bite mark (=a mark where something has bitten you)Her arms were covered in itchy bite marks.a scratch markThe chairs had made scratch marks on the floor. THESAURUSa dirty markmark a dirty area on something that spoils its appearanceThe bark of the tree had made black marks on her trousers.spot a small mark on somethinga grease spot on my shirtstain a mark that is difficult to remove, especially one made by a dark liquida wine stain on the tableclothblood stainssmudge a mark that is made when something touches against a surfaceThere was a smudge of lipstick on his cheek.He had a smudge of chalk on his jacket.smear a mark that is made by a small amount of something spread across a surfaceThe table had a smear of paint on the top.fingerprint (also fingermark British English) a mark on the surface of something that is made by someone’s fingersThe glass was covered with greasy fingerprints.a mark on your skinblemish a mark on your skin that spoils its appearanceJohn grew a beard to hide the blemishes on his chin.mole a small dark, sometimes raised, mark on your skinSome moles may become cancerous. Helena found a mole on her arm which had definitely not been there before.freckles small light brown marks on your skin, especially on your face but also on your arms, shoulders etcShe had a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose.birthmark a permanent mark on your skin that you have had since you were bornThere was a small birthmark on her left cheek.bruise a purple or brown mark on your skin that you get because you have fallen or been hitHer legs were covered in cuts and bruises.scar a permanent mark on your skin, caused by a cut or by something that burns youThe injury left a small scar on his forehead.pimple/zit (also spot British English) a small raised red mark or lump on your skin, which usually appears when a child is between 12 and 18 years oldWhen I was a teenager I had terrible spots. The boy had a few pimples under his chin. wart a small hard raised mark on your skin caused by a virusHis face was covered in hairy warts. blister a small area of skin that is swollen and full of liquid because it has been rubbed or burnedThere was a blister on his arm where the boiling milk had splashed him. rash an area of small red spots on your skin, caused by an illness or an allergyI can’t eat strawberries - they give me a rash.
Examples from the Corpus
markShe squeezed me so hard, she left a mark on my arm.The tape left a mark on the paint.There are marks on the door where the cat has scratched it.There are marks on the tarmac where the car left the road.Check the power cord for any burn marks.Put a check mark beside each person's name as they come in.His shoes had left dirt marks across the carpet.How did you get that dirty mark on your T-shirt?I got full marks in the history test.She came out with the second highest marks in the class.He instantly made his mark with a series of books based on the classics.His mark on the last test gave him a final average of 88%.He had two little marks on his face where his glasses had been.You have to do the course again if you get low marks.Hot cups of tea can make marks on polished tables.Now, though, the irony is wearing off; they don't even bother to put their antics in quotation marks.Garvin had scratch marks on the side of her face.During this third movement, an adagio, the land also developed stretch marks.By the marks in the sand, it had been felled by a falcon, which made a meal of its flesh.Caught me bending was nearer the mark.The mark fell as low as 72. 41 yen.But first harness, tack and carriages had to be spruced up to ensure top marks for turnout.I don't think the tractor came this way - there are no tyre marks in the mud.It would provide the maximum area of water within the engineering constraints and would be broadly equivalent to mean high water mark."What mark did you get?" "B."skid marksOn the concrete floor inside are tire tracks, and skid marks where kids have done wheelies or donuts.The walkers still have some finger nails left and don't have skid marks in their boxer shorts.The car sped through the estate and left skid marks on the road and lawns.Long skid marks on the pavement showed that the driver had tried to brake.There are no skid marks at the scene.The skid marks were evident on the last 750 feet of runway travel.burn/scratch/bite etc markThere was even a burn mark on his chin but apart from that his expression was positively cherubic.The last of his scratch marks have faded now but his memories never will.But small or not, it appears to have left a nasty bite mark on her arm.Broadly speaking, children under four are not sensitised and show no bite mark.I found these seemingly senseless bite marks by the hundreds.I examined closely where the squirrel had bitten the branches, and found the bite marks in the thin bark.Make ... markHer career was what was important, her independence, her self-worth, making a mark.No-one else has ever made a mark.They talked through their own intercom system, and the assistant made marks on the map with a grease pencil.Participants were expected to join in and make a mark on the proceedings.Two years since I set up the glass and started to make marks on it.A party conference is a natural stamping ground for those who have barely four days in which to make a mark.You would make a mark on your firing table, showing the results.pass/reach/approach etc the ... markAs the countdown reaches the two-minute mark, the room seems to tremble.The shuttle's tanks have been filled by the time that the countdown reaches the 3 hours mark.Membership had passed the 100 mark already.But on Feb. 20 he reached the century mark.Border had not passed the 50 mark since his first innings of the tour against Somerset.Today, hit shows are lucky to reach the 10 % mark, and even blockbusters fail to reach twice that.Six more years, if still alive, she would reach the half century mark.full/top marksWell done Ralph, and full marks Henry.But first harness, tack and carriages had to be spruced up to ensure top marks for turnout.This means that a few get top marks, a big bunch get middling marks, and a few come near the bottom.None of them got full marks.I can find no errors of shape, proportion or poise - full marks for accuracy.Only one in six adults scored full marks in a test of six familiar words.Well, full marks for courage, Major.You had to give the woman full marks for persistence.