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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeetingmeet‧ing /ˈmiːtɪŋ/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable]  1 MEETan event at which people meet to discuss and decide things We’re having a meeting next week to discuss the matter.at a meeting I’ll raise the matter at the next meeting.in a meeting She said that Mr Coleby was in a meeting.meeting about/on There was a public meeting about the future of the gallery.meeting with I’ve got a meeting with Mr Edwards this afternoon.meeting of a meeting of senior politiciansmeeting between a meeting between unions and management2 the meeting3 [usually singular]MEET when people meet each other by chance or because they have arranged to do this I had felt drawn to Alice ever since our first meeting.4 DSa sports competition or a set of races for horses5 meeting of minds6 RRCan event at which a group of Quakers (=a Christian religious group) pray togetherCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a meetingI had a long meeting with my manager.hold a meeting formal (=have a meeting)The meetings are usually held on a Friday. go to a meeting (also attend a meeting formal)All staff members are expected to attend the meeting.call a meeting (also convene a meeting formal) (=arrange a meeting)The board has the power to convene a general meeting if necessary.chair a meeting (also preside over a meeting formal) (=lead it)The meeting was chaired by Professor Jones of the University of York.open a meeting (=begin it)There was disagreement about opening the meeting with a prayer.close a meeting (=end it)He closed the meeting by saying, ‘I think we have made great progress.’address a meeting (=speak to the people at a meeting)A member of Greenpeace addressed the protest meeting.adjourn a meeting (=make it stop for a period of time)This meeting is adjourned until tomorrow.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + meetinga committee/staff/board etc meetingA staff meeting will be held at 3 p.m.an annual meeting (=an important meeting held once a year)the annual meeting of the British Medical Associationa monthly/weekly meetinga routine weekly meeting with the managing directora public/open meeting (=that anyone can go to)A public meeting was held to discuss the proposal to build a new school.a general meeting especially British English (=that anyone, or anyone in a particular organization, can go to)The annual general meeting of the rugby club was held last night.a private/closed meeting (=that only a few people are allowed to go to)The senator attended a private meeting with the president.a summit meeting (=between leaders of governments)The prime minister is in Paris for a European summit meeting.a business meetingHe had to go into town for a business meeting.a protest meetingAnti-road campaigners are holding a protest meeting today.an emergency/urgent meetingThe Council has called an emergency meeting to decide what action to take. THESAURUSmeeting an occasion when people meet in order to discuss somethinga business meeting.Mr Bell is in a meeting.The committee will hold another meeting Wednesday.conference an organized event, especially one that continues for several days, at which a lot of people meet to discuss a particular subject and hear speeches about itDidn’t you give a talk at the conference last year?a conference of women business leadersconvention a large formal meeting of people who belong to a political party, or to an organization of people with the same intereststhe Democratic Party Conventiona convention for Star Trek fansrally a large public meeting, especially one that is held outdoors to support or protest about somethingThere was a massive peace rally in London.summit a meeting between government leaders from important and powerful countries, to discuss important mattersA summit meeting of OPEC leaders was called to find a solution to the oil crisis.next week’s economic summitcaucus American English a local meeting of the members of a political party to choose people to represent them at a larger meeting, or to choose a candidate in an electionObama won the Iowa caucus in 2007.teleconference/video conference a business meeting in which people in different places talk to each other using telephones or video equipmentThe chairman held teleconferences with his senior managers. gathering/get-together a situation in which a group of people come together to meet, talk, and have drinks with each other, especially friends or familyWe held a small family get-together to celebrate her birthday.She arranged social gatherings in Kettering for young people on Saturday evenings.date an arrangement to meet someone who you are having, or hoping to have, a romantic relationship withI think I might ask her out on a date.rendezvous a meeting where two people have arranged to meet at a particular time or place, often secretlyShe arranged a rendezvous with him in the hotel bar. tryst literary a secret meeting between people who are having a romantic relationshipa good place for a moonlight tryst
Examples from the Corpus
meetingThe principal has called a meeting for 4.00.I'm having a meeting with my client tomorrow to go over the case.Sorry I can't come - I have to go to a meeting.She wondered if she could stage an apparently accidental meeting with Veronica.The Buklod Centre was set up to work with these women through educational courses, seminars and meetings.The committee will hold another meeting Wednesday to discuss the funding crisis.They attend meetings for the same reason.Peter's in London for a business meeting.After a chance meeting at the airport, Annie was reunited with her brother.Her affair with Harmon started with a chance meeting followed by a few casual phone calls.He therefore received a rather cool reception from Oliver Cromwell and was never once invited to join the army council meetings.Neighbourhood groups were invited to nominate a representative to attend relevant council meetings.One of the issues in his last re- election campaign was that his eyelids frequently drooped during meetings.Our first meeting was in January, and I didn't see Martin again till May or June.San Diego won their first meeting this season 21-13.It was used for meetings and conferences of magicians.I was in meetings all morning and didn't get a chance to look at your proposal.Myers' staff has also organized more than 1,000 round-table meetings with women across the country.According to people who attended the meeting, Ms. Robins refused to answer any questions about the deal.meeting about/onA meeting on book provision in schools has been held with Baroness Blatch, Minister of State.Ten companies have already joined the programmes and will be meeting on a regular basis.Reeves has been meeting on and off for two days with Giants management.The claim, drawn up by the national executive, will be discussed by a union council meeting on 14 October.A seven-strong team will examine a number of ideas and will report to the next executive meeting on 16 April.The health authority has agreed to hear a presentation on self-governing trusts at its next meeting on Monday.The likely overspend first became apparent to an astonished Jack Schuster at a project meeting on June 1,1987.I know that some ladies think it so romantic, the meeting on the moors with Heathcliffe and everything.