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meet‧ing S1 W1 [countable]
1 an event at which people meet to discuss and decide thingsCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
have/hold a meeting go to/attend a meeting be in/at a meeting call a meeting (=decide there will be a meeting) public meeting emergency meeting general meeting especially British English (=a meeting that anyone can come to) committee/staff/board meeting (=a meeting of a particular group of people) summit meeting (=a meeting between leaders of governments)
We're having a meeting next week to discuss the matter.
Fifty people attended the meeting.
Mrs Lavelle is in a meeting at the moment.
The minister has called an emergency meeting.
meeting about/on
There was a public meeting about the future of the gallery.
meeting with
I've got a meeting with Mr Edwards this afternoon.
meeting of
a meeting of senior politicians
meeting between
a meeting between unions and management
Are you coming to the committee meeting this evening?

the meeting

formal all the people who are at a meeting:
I'd like to put a few ideas before the meeting.
3 [usually singular] when people meet each other by chance or because they have arranged to do this:
I had felt drawn to Alice ever since our first meeting.
4DS a sports competition or a set of races for horses

meeting of minds

a situation in which two people have very similar ideas and understand each other very well:
There was a real meeting of minds between the two leaders.
6RRC an event at which a group of Quakers (=a Christian religious group) pray together

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