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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmotor racingˈmotor ˌracing noun [uncountable]  DSTTCthe sport of racing fast cars on a special track
Examples from the Corpus
motor racingSponsorship is important for such sporting activities as: golf, football, cricket and motor racing.In all respects, 1976 was an extraordinary year for Master James and for motor racing.But this beautifully illustrated book also provides a wonderful series of anecdotes from Edwards' life in motor racing.One of the greatest partnerships in motor racing was formed in 1964 when Stewart and Ken Tyrell teamed up.It was one of the least gracious occasions I recall in my years in motor racing.Mansell has not embarked upon his twelfth full season in Grand Prix motor racing.They're angry the motor racing team hasn't been able to improve on the reportedly £7million offer to tempt him back.A family link with Bira and Chula, the racing Siamese princes, pushed his interest towards motor racing.