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Language: Old English
Origin: nett


1 noun
net1 W3


the Net

also the net the system that allows millions of computer users around the world to exchange information [= the web]:
Bruce spends most evenings surfing the Net (=looking at information in different places on the Internet).
on the Net
You might find something on the Net.

for fishing/catching things

[countable]DT something used for catching fish, insects, or animals which is made of threads or wires woven across each other with regular spaces between them:
a butterfly net

for sports

a) DS the thing that players must hit the ball over in games such as tennis
b) DS the thing behind the posts that players try to kick or hit the ball into in games such as football or hockey [↪ goal]:
Henry kicked the ball into the back of the net.

for keeping things out

[countable] something used for keeping things out, for example insects or birds, which is made of threads woven across each other with regular spaces between them:


[uncountable] very thin material made from fine threads woven together, with small spaces between:

slip through the net

if criminals slip through the net, they avoid attempts by the police etc to catch them

fall/slip through the net

if someone or something falls or slips through the net, a system which was designed to help or check them has not succeeded in doing this:
In a class of 30 children it is easy for some to slip through the net and learn nothing.

cast/spread your net wide

to consider or try as many things as possible in order to find what you want:
Record companies are casting their nets wide in search of new talent.

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