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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutsiderout‧sid‧er /aʊtˈsaɪdə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 OUT/OUTSIDEsomeone who is not accepted as a member of a particular social groupinsider I’m an outsider, the only foreign woman in the group.to an outsider To an outsider, the system seems complex and confusing.2 OUT/OUTSIDEsomeone who does not belong to a particular company or organization or who is not involved in a particular activityinsider a political outsider who is running for governor3 DSsomeone who does not seem to have much chance of winning a race or competitionrank outsider British English Last year he was a rank outsider for the title.
Examples from the Corpus
outsiderThe defending champion was beaten by an outsider in the first round.Here he had always felt an outsider.An outsider, for example someone from another school district, should evaluate the teachers.This process has included verbal denigration as well as cruel and unusual treatment of those who are traditionally perceived as outsiders.Whatever the truth, it is always convenient to blame outsiders for creating trouble.Why do they bring in outsiders to tell us how to run the business?Smith, a little-known outsider with limited political experience, came from behind to score a surprise victory.They've treated us like outsiders ever since we moved in.He started as a no-hoper -- a rank outsider for the title.It means coming to a new country, always being the outsider, always having to adjust.To the outsider, the civilian, beat work was directed at controlling the street population.The university library is closed to outsiders.To outsiders, these ideological battles seem completely pointless.We don't want outsiders getting involved in our local politics.They were outsiders, too, and he determined he would stand by them as long as he could.They are often abandoned and eager for contact with outsiders.Italian residents don't like to discuss the matter with outsiders.to an outsiderStax in Memphis was initially white-owned, easily accessible to outsiders, filled with leaders of all kinds.She would have killed for Jane and Zack, and to outsiders, she even defended Sabina.The militarisation of the Soviet economy, baffling to an outsider, is complemented by a militarisation in the sphere of education.She has to deliver her disgracefully overdue copy to Outsider.However, deprived as they were of serious critical accolade, they were doomed to outsider status by the art world itself.Of course, a customs union would spur even more growth if it totally removed barriers even to outsiders.Barred from selling shares to outsiders, some of the younger generation of Moores are keen to realise their enormous paper wealth.Einzig was so frequently seen in Minton's company that to outsiders it seemed as if she became his other half.rank outsiderLast year he started as a rank outsider for the title.Though ridden by Graham McCourt, then third in the jump jockeys' table, Norton's Coin was a rank outsider.So I went to Ladbrokes and picked two rank outsiders and put some money on them and left.