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passpass2 ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 documentPGOLET/ALLOW an official piece of paper which shows that you are allowed to enter a building or travel on something without paying The guard checked our passes. They issued us with free passes to the theatre. You can buy a cheap one-day bus pass.2 exam/testSE a successful result in an examination opp fail You will need at least three passes to get onto the course.pass in Did you get a pass in English? The pass mark (=the mark you need to be successful) is 55%.3 sportDS when you kick, throw, or hit a ball to another member of your team during a game That was a brilliant pass by Holden.4 make a pass at somebody5 road/pathDNWAY/ROUTE a high road or path that goes between mountains to the other side a narrow, winding mountain pass6 stagePART one part of a process that involves dealing with the whole of a group or thing several times On the first pass we eliminated all the candidates who didn’t have the right experience. 7 aircraft a movement in which an aircraft flies once over a place which it is attacking8 come to a pretty/sorry pass
Examples from the Corpus
passHe has completed 121 of 218 passes for 1,354 yards and eight touchdowns with five interceptions this season.Students must obtain a pass before leaving campus.He looks too much to make a big pass rather than do what comes naturally, which is score.The harvester moved round the field in a strict square, so that the standing crop grew smaller and smaller with every pass.Comet Shoemaker-Levy passed through our solar system and crashed into Jupiter July 16,1994.This is a classic hail Mary pass.a narrow mountain passThey scored a direct hit of the target on their second pass.The Bruins set up a play for Johnson in the low post, but Dollar traveled while trying to make the pass.Davis scored on a 40-yard pass from Elway.bus passI can't even get a bus pass.I got a social worker and she suggested I get a bus pass, so I could get to town.All the aggravation about replacing by bus pass, credit cards and library cards etc, all because I was thoughtless.You can use your included Canal Bus Pass to hop on and off the Rembrandt cruise.They may soon be getting free bus passes but they know how to rock.Townspeople are being asked to sign a petition to help save the bus passes of Langbaurgh's 22,000 pensioners and disabled.Surely he would be better advised to start a new series with Bus Pass Wish One.pass markIt is not a pass mark and yet all children are supposed to aspire to it.How would students react to you setting a pass mark of say 80%?He completed 192 of 303 throws for 3,023 yards and 28 touchdowns, the second-best passing mark in the nation.Her passing marks a loss for those everywhere who love the printed word, and Tucson is the poorer for it.But he did not pass Mark.Instead, the pass mark was set higher for girls!For example, what pass mark would they set for an examination they are about to sit?