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play-offˈplay-off noun [countable]  1 DS British English a game played to decide who will win after a previous game has ended with two teams or players having equal points2 [usually plural] American English a game, usually one of a series of games, played by the best teams or players in a competition in order to decide the final winner The Lakers will meet the Bulls in the playoffs.
Examples from the Corpus
play-offGould was sacked after a stormy 14 months following Albion's failure to at least make the Third Division promotion play-offs.The drama both leading to and during the play-off was intense.First two go up; next 4 fight it out in the play-offs.We had to win to get into the play-offs and they needed to win to stay in the League.The 24-year-old central defender will have his right leg immobilised for six weeks and will miss the play-offs should Boro qualify.The best they can hope for is the No.2 spot or the play-offs.