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preliminarypreliminary2 AWL noun (plural preliminaries) [countable usually plural] 🔊 🔊 1 BEGINNINGsomething that is said or done first, to introduce or prepare for something elsepreliminary to 🔊 Pilot studies are a useful preliminary to large research projects. 🔊 After the usual preliminaries, the chairman made his announcement.2 DSone of the games in the first part of a competition, when it is decided who will go on to the main competition 🔊 Four teams will be eliminated in the preliminaries.
Examples from the Corpus
preliminaryThis is a move that immediately suggests a preliminary to political blackmail.The official opening is in September, but preliminaries include a showing of sculptures in August.Of course such a stage is an essential preliminary to the formulation of a theory of the performance of action.Equally, this important preliminary is vital to the success of choosing a suitable computer system.He was in Lane 4, center stage, because he had gone faster than anyone else in the morning preliminaries.