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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpummelpum‧mel /ˈpʌməl/ verb (pummelled, pummelling British English, pummeled, pummeling American English) [transitive]  1 HITto hit someone or something many times quickly, especially using your fists (=closed hands) syn beat Diane leaned over and pummeled the pillows.pummel something with something She flew at him, pummelling his chest with her fists.pummel at The cook pummelled at the dough. The platoon was pummeled by heavy machine-gun fire.2 informalDSBEAT/DEFEAT to completely defeat someone at a sport→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pummelBut sometimes she thought Perdita had created Agnes for something to pummel.She felt tumbled out, pushed and pummelled.On Saturday, Penn State pummeled Arizona 54-0.She fought him, desperately, clawing and pummelling at him and shrieking out every obscenity she knew.Then she pummelled Clare's pillow and kicked clumsily against the nearest wall with her booted feet.He caught her, and she pummelled him on the arm.Ali leaned against the ropes and allowed Foreman to pummel him.Ali shocked his trainers and the sports world by leaning against the ropes and allowing Foreman to pummel him.I pummel myself with my fists, hard, a dozen times.It happens a few times where I have to pummel one of these guys who causes trouble in the club.