Topic: SPORT

Sense: 1-2
Date: 1500-1600
Origin: Probably from the sound.
Sense: 3
Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: raquette, from Italian racchetta, from Arabic rahah 'front of the hand'


1 [singular] informalC a loud noise:
The old machine used to make an awful racket.
2 [countable] informalSC a dishonest way of obtaining money, such as by threatening people or selling them illegal goods
drugs/gambling/smuggling etc racket
Police believe he is involved in an international smuggling racket.

➔ protection racket

at protection (5)
3 [countable] also racquetDS a specially shaped piece of wood or metal that you use for hitting the ball in games such as tennis, that has a circle filled with tight strings at one end [↪ bat]:
a tennis racket

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