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replayre‧play2 /ˌriːˈpleɪ/ verb [transitive]  1 DSto play a game again because neither team won the first time The match will be replayed on Wednesday.2 TCRto show again on television something that has been recorded Highlights of the race were replayed on the news. Grammar Replay is often used in the passive.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
replayThe trouble is, all we will see is one shot replayed 598 times.Do not let him replay anything, ever.Another of Ray's comments replayed in my head.This is a key series that both teams would like to replay in October.Jezrael wondered whose memory was being replayed inside her mind to guide her through this metal rat-run.Sequence numbers prevent reordering, loss, or replaying of messages by an attacker.Tetchy, funny, ugly and clever, this replays the dynamic of a first-class film noir.Channel 5 will replay the game's highlights at midnight.All night long I lie awake replaying the papers.Imagination runs riot, memories of one's own lovemaking being replayed with another man playing your part.