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reservereserve2 ●●○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 supply [countable usually plural]AMOUNT a supply of something kept to be used if it is needed πŸ”Š $10 million in cash reserves πŸ”Š oil reservesreserve of πŸ”Š Somehow Debbie maintained an inner reserve of strength.2 β†’ in reserve3 personal quality [uncountable]SHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDE a quality in someone’s character that makes them not like expressing their emotions or talking about their problems β†’ shyness πŸ”Š She overcame her own natural reserve.4 player [countable]DS an extra player who plays in a team if one of the other players is injured or ill β†’ substitute5 β†’ the reserves6 β†’ the reserve7 for animals/plants [countable] British English an area of land where wild animals and plants are protected syn reservation, preserve American English πŸ”Š a wildlife reserve β†’ nature reserve8 for native americans [countable] a reservation9 price [countable] (also reserve price)BBT a price below which something will not be sold, especially in an auction
Examples from the Corpus
reserveβ€’ The Victorian era comes down to us today mired in images of distance and reserve.β€’ Remove with slotted spoon and reserve in a small bowl.β€’ Basic banks are obliged to maintain certain reserves, which consist of cash in hand and deposits at the National Bank.β€’ The country has foreign currency reserves of $83 billion.β€’ We had to rely on our emergency reserve of food while we were snowed in.β€’ Later, Darcy drops his reserve and confesses that he loves her.β€’ They decided to launch an as-sault after the bombardment, with my platoon in reserve.β€’ They sold half the wood and kept the rest in reserve for winter.β€’ I wanted to reach into my inner reserve and call up the power to heal.β€’ In March 1971 central banks agreed to freeze the deposit of reserves on the Euromarkets.β€’ These are both very liquid and interest-earning assets and thus provide a valuable second line of reserves.β€’ As well as its own peat-cutting operations, the company is also encouraging local farmers to use mechanical excavators to exploit their own reserves.reserve ofβ€’ reserves of foodβ€’ Somehow Debbie maintained an inner reserve of strength.natural reserveβ€’ He had an innocent manner about him too, and he had made her feel at ease despite her natural reserve.β€’ His uncertainty with strangers is nothing like Juanita's, more the island child's natural reserve.wildlife reserveβ€’ The impressive wildlife reserve of the Algonquin Provincial Park is a stunning array of native animals in the wild.β€’ Many wildlife reserves and parks are too dangerous for park rangers, let alone tourists.