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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrevengere‧venge1 /rɪˈvendʒ/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 REVENGEsomething you do in order to punish someone who has harmed or offended yourevenge for She wanted revenge for the insult.revenge against/on At his wife’s funeral, he vowed revenge against her killer.in revenge for something a bomb attack in revenge for the imprisonment of the terrorists2 DSthe defeat of someone who has previously defeated you in a sportrevenge for The Australians took revenge for their defeat here last time. a revenge matchrevengeful adjectiveCOLLOCATIONSverbstake revengeHe dreamed of taking revenge on his father’s killers.get (your) revengeLouise eventually got her revenge by reporting him to the immigration service.have your revengeOne day I’ll have my revenge.seek revengeThey play two women who seek revenge on their former partners.want revengeYou broke her heart and now she wants revenge.exact/wreak revenge formal (=take revenge)He was exacting revenge on society.vow revenge (=promise to take revenge)His supporters vowed revenge for his death.adjectivesa terrible/awful revengeCaesar returned to Rome to exact a terrible revenge.revenge + NOUNa revenge attackThe camp was burned down, apparently in a revenge attack.a revenge killingHer death was followed by a series of revenge killings.phrasesan act of revengeThe men were shot dead in an act of revenge for Khan’s assassination. revenge is sweet (=said when someone feels good because they have got revenge)It took me a long time, but revenge is sweet.
Examples from the Corpus
revengeLiving well, it seems, is the best revenge, even for a genial poet.The motive for the murder was clearly revenge.And at the same time exact revenge on the whites he so despises?Fearing revenge attacks, the government has sealed off the borders.But the father kept to his revenge.The second motive is a mixture of revenge and reproach.We are not going to indulge in any politics of revenge.Plus could it be the ultimate indie bassist's revenge?Members of the party are seeking revenge for the assassination of their leader.Their revenge was not complete in the knowledge that they could enter anywhere and take over.I just wanted revenge, what Bacon called a kind of wild justice, I believe.in revenge for somethingThis was nothing but an elaborate hoax perpetrated by her in revenge for all the suffering I had caused her.The claim that he strangled a son of David I in revenge for being blinded is late and seems improbable.The statement claimed that the bombing was in revenge for the assassination of Musawi.took revengeBut tensions continued as victims of the repression took revenge against the cadres who had persecuted them.