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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishringsidering‧side /ˈrɪŋsaɪd/ noun [singular]  1 DSAPthe area nearest to the performance in a circus, a boxing match etcring2 ringside seat
Examples from the Corpus
ringsideYou've got a ringside seat.Meg had a ringside seat to research her latest role as a tough boxing coach.It was an unforgettable night for the challenger and those fortunate enough to have been at ringside.Witherspoon won a unanimous decision and then asked Holyfield, who was at ringside, for a shot at him.Those across the way claimed ringside seats on wooden chairs, each sitter shielded by a thick cotton-lace curtain.They were given ringside seats because of their devotion to Keiko.One of the perils of sitting ringside.He also liked it when he saw other men around the ringside looking at her approvingly.