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3 noun
round3 [countable]


a round of events is a series of related events, which are part of a longer process
round of
a third round of peace talks
the Government's latest round of expenditure cuts


DS one of the parts of a competition that you have to finish or win before you can go on to the next part [↪ heat, stage]
the first/final/next/qualifying etc round
I got beaten in the first round.
Two of their candidates made it through to the next round.
round of
the final round of the championship

regular activities

round of something

a round of activities is a regular series of activities, especially activities that are not very exciting:
an endless round of meetings and interviews
He continued with his usual round of private and business engagements.
the daily round of commuting and shopping



[plural]MH the usual visits that someone, especially a doctor, regularly makes as part of their job
be (out) on your rounds
I'm sorry. The doctor is out on her rounds.

round of applause

AP when people clap for a short time to show that they enjoyed something or approve of something:
She got a big round of applause.
The passengers gave the pilot a round of applause.


DSG a complete game of golf:
I played a round of golf on Sunday morning.


DSO one of the periods of fighting in a boxing or wrestling match


DL if you buy a round of drinks in a bar, you buy drinks for all the people in your group
it's my/your etc round (=used to say whose turn it is to buy drinks for all the people in your group)
What are you having? It's my round.

do the rounds

British English informal make the rounds American English also go the rounds British English if a story, idea, or illness does the rounds, it is passed on from one person to another:
a joke doing the rounds

do the rounds of something

British English make the rounds of something American English to go around from one place to another, especially looking for work or advertising something:
Ryan is making the rounds of talk shows to promote her new movie.

gun shot

PMW a single shot from a gun, or a bullet for one shot:
I've only got ten rounds of ammunition left.
Richards fired a few rounds.


CF something that has a circular shape:
Slice the potatoes into rounds.

food/newspapers/letters etc

BBT British English a regular visit to a number of houses, offices etc to deliver or sell things
paper/milk round (=a job in which you deliver newspapers, milk etc to people's houses)
I used to do a paper round.


APM a song for three or four singers, in which each one sings the same tune, starting at a different time

round of sandwiches

British EnglishDF sandwiches made from two whole pieces of bread

round of toast

British EnglishDF one whole piece of bread that has been toasted

in the round

APT a play that is performed in the round is performed on a central stage surrounded by the people watching it

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