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savesave2 noun [countable]  DSan action in which a player in a game such as football prevents the other team from scoring Martin made a brilliant save from Nichol’s shot.
Examples from the Corpus
saveLen Barrie had the Panthers' other goal against Martin Brodeur, who had 22 saves.Pat Gavin had a good scoring chance but Stephen Pears brought off a brilliant save.A few days before the midair save, another orb had been successfully recovered after a gentle landing in the sea.San Jose goalie Chris Terreri stopped Perreault with a pad save.Muir's nimble footwork merited a second Rovers goal at the start of the second half but Heald's save prevented it.Whitehead's save kept his team in the game.Pears pulled off the save of the match from a Garry Nelson header in the opening minutes.If the team is good and I make one or two or three saves, they will all be important.made ... saveFred Barber made a good save from Robbie Mustoe when Ripley crossed into the middle.Forrest made another fine save, tipping Atkinson's 30-yard shot over his bar.And the goalkeeper made a brilliant save to tip Philliskirk's long-range shot over the bar.As it turned out, Rhodes had made the save.Zeus thrust enormous enemies into darkness; he made and saved the classical family of gods.Sharks goalie Chris Terreri made 39 saves.It was made to save the Government some embarrassment.