Topic: SPORT

Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: escren, from Middle Dutch scherm


1 noun
screen1 S2 W2


[countable]AMFAMT the part of a television or computer where the picture or information appears [↪ monitor]:
a computer with an 18-inch colour screen
He went on staring at the TV screen.
on (a) screen
Her picture appeared on the screen.
It's easy to change the text on screen before printing it.


a) [countable] the large white surface that pictures are shown on in a cinema:
He was horrified at some of the images he saw on the screen.
b) [singular, uncountable]AMF films in general:
This is the first time the play has been adapted for the big screen (=films).
a star of stage and screen (=the theatre and films)
on screen
his first appearance on screen
a well-known screen actor

movable wall

[countable]DM a piece of furniture like a thin wall that can be moved around and is used to divide one part of a room from another:
There was a screen around his bed.

something that hides

a) [countable] something tall and wide that hides a place or thing
screen of
The house was hidden behind a screen of bushes.
b) [singular] something that hides what someone is doing
screen for
The business was just a screen for his drug-dealing activities.

test for illness

[countable] British English a medical test to see whether someone has an illness [= screening American English]
The company is offering a free health screen to all employees.


[countable]DH a wire net fastened inside a frame in front of a window or door to keep insects out


[countable]AA a decorative wall in some churches


[countable]DS a player in a game such as basketball who protects the player who has the ball

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