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spinspin2 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 turning [countable]TURN an act of turning around quickly πŸ”Š the Earth’s spin πŸ”Š The Russian skater finished her routine with a series of spins.2 car [singular] informalTRAVEL a short trip in a car for pleasure syn drive πŸ”Š Let’s go for a spin in the country. πŸ”Š Do you want to take my car for a spin?3 ball [uncountable]DS if you put spin on a ball in a game such as tennis or cricket, you deliberately make the ball turn very quickly so that it is difficult for your opponent to hit4 information [singular, uncountable]PERSUADE the way someone, especially a politician or business person, talks about information or a situation, especially in order to influence the way people think about it πŸ”Š They tried to put a positive spin on the sales figures. β†’ spin doctor5 aircraft [singular] if an aircraft goes into a spin, it falls suddenly, turning around and around6 β†’ in/into a (flat) spin7 β†’ give something a spin
Examples from the Corpus
spinβ€’ The tundras will drag you into a spin.β€’ Once again his weakness against spin was exposed when Bandara bowled him with a leg-break.β€’ Bicycle riders performed dangerous spins and flips off ramps and curved walls.β€’ For the moment just note that electron spin provides a second example of a two-dimensional state vector space in quantum mechanics.β€’ A win will prove them wrong and put a whole new spin on this season.β€’ What we would like to see is more realistic policies and less Labour Party spin.β€’ The senator was determined to put a positive spin on the affair.β€’ He made a quick spin to avoid the oncoming player.β€’ Nixon lived long enough after his Watergate humiliation to put his own revisionist spin on his history.β€’ the spin of a propellerβ€’ Whatever spin the government tries to put on it, this can be seen as nothing less that a massive defeat.take ... for a spinβ€’ He woke at tea time and took Lily for a spin in the car.β€’ She was obviously impatient to be taken out for a spin even though there was hardly puff enough to stir her anemometer.β€’ Car joy: Prince Charles presented a Β£54,000 hi-tech van to disabled man who then took him for a spin.β€’ I'd like to take it for a spin.put a ... spin onβ€’ A win will prove them wrong and put a whole new spin on this season.β€’ He puts a good spin on things.β€’ Rule No. 1 of scandal hunting is that you must not put an obviously partisan spin on things.β€’ They sat in ragged groups at their foxholes, some of them silent, others putting moral spin on the day.β€’ Washington was also eager to put its own spin on the news it was imparting.β€’ Another liberty Webster extended to himself was putting his own spin on definitions.