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spotspot2 ●●○ S3 verb (spotted, spotting) [transitive]  1 NOTICEto notice someone or something, especially when they are difficult to see or recognize I spotted a police car behind us. It can be hard for even a trained doctor to spot the symptoms of lung cancer.spot somebody doing something Meg spotted someone coming out of the building.difficult/easy to spot Drug addicts are fairly easy to spot.spot that One of the station staff spotted that I was in difficulty, and came to help.see thesaurus at notice, see2 be spotted with something3 American EnglishDSADVANTAGE to give the other player in a game an advantagespot somebody something He spotted me six points and he still won.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
spotA resident spotted a man sitting in his car watching the explosion and notified the police.If you are lucky, you will also spot a pelican or two.It now appears that much of the change whose initial signs he spotted did in fact reflect a climatic shift.Police finally caught up with Serrano when he was spotted eating in an Upper East Side restaurant.Termites are often relatively easy to spot, especially in the early stages.Even people who have been in the business for decades sometimes have trouble spotting impostor curls.He was spotted in the Manhattan area in mid-May.If you spot Mom and Dad coming, warn me.She won't be difficult to spot -- she's got pink hair and weighs about 300 pounds.She quickly spotted the danger of relying on Hal for everything.Some children spotted the feet sticking out of the bushes by the roadside.I'm glad you spotted the mistake before it was too late.Drops of milk spotted the table.If there are many volunteers then spotting them will be like trying to spot a needle in a haystack.I dropped my keys in the grass, but luckily Jim spotted them.I spotted this article about it in the paper.They've spotted us - let's get out of here.Smith told me later they had spotted Wilson making his way back to Ashley Gardens on foot.difficult/easy to spotFat cats are rare and easy to spot.Hard to define but easy to spot.The odd Militant supporter appears at the conference rostrum and is easy to spot.They become bogeymen, earthly Aliens, and -- despite the fake human faces they develop -- very easy to spot.Actual long coats, although difficult to spot at this age, will show in fluffy long hairs on the ears in particular.Being almost the colour of the rocks, the Harpies are difficult to spot before they move.Termites are often relatively easy to spot, especially in the early stages.It's easy to spot flocks of geese as they migrate.spot somebody somethingHe spotted me six points and he still won.