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throwthrow2 ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 THROWan action in which someone throws something πŸ”Š That was a great throw! πŸ”Š a throw of over 80 metres2 DSan action in which someone rolls a dice in a game πŸ”Š It’s your throw.3 a large piece of cloth that you put loosely over a chair to cover it and make it look attractive πŸ”Š a brightly-coloured cotton throw
Examples from the Corpus
throwβ€’ Lundgren won the discus competition with a throw of 130 yards.β€’ The drama continued throughout the evening as the contest got under way, with fortunes changing with every throw of the darts.β€’ They missed 10 of 26 free throws and turned the ball over 16 times.β€’ A mad scramble followed a Dollar free throw, and Hamilton eventually grabbed the ball on the right wing.β€’ On the ensuing inbounds pass, Bobby Edwards fouled Bailey, who made one of two free throws.β€’ That was a very long throw -- at least 80 yards.β€’ Martinez made a nice throw to third base for the last out.β€’ A saving throw of 6 is permitted to take account of the Squig.