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timetime2 ●●● S1 W2 verb [transitive]  1 TIME/AT THE SAME TIMEto arrange that something should happen at a particular time I saw from the station clock that I had timed my arrival perfectly.be timed to do something The tour has been timed to allow visitors to attend the opening night of the Verona opera season. Her book was timed to coincide with (=arranged to be at the same time as) an exhibition of Goya’s paintings at the National Gallery.be timed for something The meeting has been timed for three o'clock. Grammar Time is often passive in this meaning.2 TMCto measure how fast someone or something is going, how long it takes to do something etc We had to run up the stairs while the Sergeant timed us.time somebody/something at something They timed the winner at 2 minutes and 14.05 seconds.3 DSto hit a ball or make a shot at a particular momentmistimetime something well/badly etc Keith timed the pass well. a beautifully timed shot ill-timed, well-timed→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
timeThe release of the document was shrewdly timed.The fastest big cat, the cheetah, has been timed at over 60 mph.The first track race is timed for 11.15.Stephen timed his arrival for exactly six o'clock.We timed how long it took us to get there.I'm going to run to the corner and back - time me.The meditation class will be timed so that it does not coincide with the noisier exercise classes.They timed the call to coincide with the attack on the Cokleys'.Walker timed the pass perfectly.Those chords of searching bewilderment in the finale were timed to a microsecond and projected an awesome tingle of fear.The swimming teacher always times us over 100 metres.be timed to do somethingThose chords of searching bewilderment in the finale were timed to a microsecond and projected an awesome tingle of fear.The raptors live on top of the bridge, so construction would have to be timed to avoid crucial nesting periods.Compare this with most mammals, in which mating is timed to coincide much more precisely with the release of an ovum.The attack was timed to coincide with the Tet holi-day and its traditional truce.The new ads are timed to hit the airwaves as the stores complete the merchandise makeover, Cohen said.White walk signals are timed to last about seven seconds before changing to a flashing red, said Folks.Similarly, events can be timed to the precision of atomic clock broadcasts.The explosion was timed to the second.