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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtournamenttour‧na‧ment /ˈtʊənəmənt, ˈtɔː- $ ˈtɜːr-, ˈtʊr-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DSCOMPETITIONa competition in which players compete against each other in a series of games until there is one winner I feel I can win this tournament.tennis/chess/badminton etc tournament2 DSHCOMPETITIONa competition to show courage and fighting skill between soldiers in the Middle Ages
Examples from the Corpus
tournamentThe trouble is that the finest tournament starts appear in photographs to be hitting late.Telford won the local five-a-side football tournament.an international golf tournamentHe no longer expects to win major tournaments but he settles for creating a noisy sensation in going as far as he can go.But Sampras is 14-3 lifetime against Courier and he must believe the tournament is his to win.But a dry day would bring bigger crowds and add to the excitement of the vital third round of the tournament.Another one down, another step closer to the tournament.The tournament, played at Bangor Rugby Club, has become one of the highlights of the Ulster rugby season.For just a moment there, tournament golf had taken its toll: Saavedra had lost the head.For example, he won the Phoenix Thunderbird tournament in 1950 and received $ 300 under the table.There's a volleyball tournament at Sunset Park which begins today.tennis/chess/badminton etc tournamentBoth sides were scrupulously polite, as if participating in a chess tournament.A nominal charge is made for table tennis and tennis tournaments.Choirs, plays, gymnastics, book discussions, chess tournaments, lectures and crafts classes took place constantly.Blue Coat won the Fair Play award at an under-18 international badminton tournament in Barcelona despite not winning a match.Athletics meetings, tennis tournaments and horse-races have all been the subject of sponsorship.If it's raining in the afternoon there will be a table tennis tournament.