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warm-upˈwarm-up1 noun [countable]  1 DSAPDa set of gentle exercises you do to prepare your body for sport, dancing etc warm up at warm22 warm-ups
Examples from the Corpus
warm-upThe sessions started with a modern dance class as a warm-up.This proved to be only a warm-up.Most silent is the dawn workout, a warm-up for the day, with 45 minutes of focus on technique.a warm-up jacketWhen I went out for warm-ups, I felt a rhythm and it felt good.He had pulled a hamstring during his warm-up and had done well to patrol as relentlessly as he did for an hour.Players wearing Kansas warm-ups were on the field.The Oregon women go through their structured warm-up, an orchestrated set of drills, crisp and choreographed.At the warm-up track, which was alongside the stadium, I had my usual massage and began my leisurely warm-up.Bozek did the warm-up but sat out the game due to an injured back.