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1 verb

high sound

[intransitive and transitive]C to make a high or musical sound by blowing air out through your lips:
Adam whistled happily on his way to work.
I heard this song on the radio and I've been whistling it all day.
He whistled a tune as he strolled down the corridor.
whistle to somebody (=whistle to get someone's attention)
Dad whistled to us to come home for dinner.
whistle at somebody (=whistle to let someone know that you think they are attractive)
Men are always whistling at Heidi on the street.

use a whistle

[intransitive]CDS to make a high sound by blowing into a whistle:
The referee whistled and the game began.

go/move fast

[intransitive always + adverb/preposition]C to move quickly, making a whistling sound:
Bullets and shells were whistling overhead.
They listened to the wind whistling through the trees.

steam train/kettle

[intransitive]CD if a steam train or kettle whistles, it makes a high sound when air or steam is forced through a small hole


[intransitive]CHBB if a bird whistles, it makes a high musical sound

be whistling in the dark

informal to be trying to show that you are brave when you are afraid, or that you know about something when you do not:
Does he know what he's talking about or is he just whistling in the dark?

somebody can whistle for something

British English spoken used to tell someone that there is no chance of them getting what they have asked for

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