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whistlewhistle2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 whistle.jpg DSDGa small object that produces a high whistling sound when you blow into it The lifeguard blew his whistle.2 CSOUNDa high sound made by blowing a whistle, by blowing air out through your lips, or when air or steam is forced through a small opening Larsson scored just minutes before the final whistle.low/shrill/high-pitched etc whistle Sanders gave a low whistle when he saw the contents of the box.3 a piece of equipment on a train or boat that makes a high noise when air is forced through it4 CSOUNDthe sound of something moving quickly through the airwhistle of We could hear the whistle of the jets as they passed overhead. blow the whistle on something at blow1(17), → clean as a whistle at clean1(1), penny whistle, wolf whistle
Examples from the Corpus
whistleCarry a whistle and a spare length of rope which can be used for towing others or making repairs.The boy gave a high whistle and was joined by another.No bells, no whistles, no dancing bears.From the direction of the North River came the long piercing stab of a steam whistle.Just before the whistle blew Vernon thought she had seen him; at any rate she was looking in his direction.Ashley heard the whistle of the ax as it swung by.There was the whistle of a bomb which got nearer and nearer.Suddenly, all over Illinois, train whistles began blowing in the middle of the night.blew ... whistleThe Referee glanced at his watch and blew the whistle for half-time.I blew my whistle till I blew the pea out of it.But I never blew the whistle on him.Needless to say the ref blew the whistle exactly on time.This made her angrier than before, and she blew her silver whistle twice.After a minute somebody blew a whistle, and we all rushed to the door.Miss Verjec blew her whistle and walked angrily towards those who had stopped playing and fallen down.Was he the one who blew the whistle?low/shrill/high-pitched etc whistleFlora gave a shrill whistle and started trotting down the cliff.She was still pondering on this mystery when a low whistle came from the other side of the ditch.A high-pitched whistle screeched along the line.A shrill whistle could be discerned, audible above the scrape and screech of the music.A shrill whistle is blown angrily by a shivering soldier, a sentry at the tomb.Call a rather feeble high-pitched whistle or whine.Calls a short high-pitched whistle and a harsh grating note.