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winwin2 ●●● W3 noun [countable]  DSWINa success or victory, especially in sport opp defeat We’ve had two wins so far this season.win over In the under-16 event England had their first win over Germany.see thesaurus at victory no-win, win-winCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: ADJECTIVES/NOUN + win a big win (=an important win, or one that you win by a large amount)This is one of the biggest wins I’ve had.an easy winThe Australian appeared to be heading for an easy win.a comfortable win (=one that you win by a large amount, so that you do not have to worry about winning)Chelsea had a comfortable win against Crystal Palace.a convincing win especially British English (=a win by a large amount)Scotland cruised to a convincing win over Ireland.a five-point/two-goal etc winThe team had a nine-point win over Arizona.verbshave/score a winWe haven’t had a win for three games.notch up a win (=achieve a win)Escude has now notched up three consecutive wins over him.pull off a win (=win when it is difficult to win)The side has pulled off two excellent wins in the past couple of weeks.clinch a win (=finally win after a difficult contest)He suffered some anxious moments before clinching a 9–6 win over Dennis Taylor last night.cruise to a win (=win easily)Arsenal cruised to a win over Chelsea.
Examples from the Corpus
wina 2-0 win over their oldest rivalsThe Broncos opened the season with 12 wins in their first 13 games.The hamstring pull which put Lydon out of the Test series was sustained in the closing minutes of a 50-4 win over Chorley.Although I have a soft spot for him after his super-game Hennessy win, he does not appeal greatly as 7-2 favourite.Counting on some momentum from his win over Gramm in Louisiana, but has little organization and money in Iowa.It was an important win for Manchester United.A couple from London are celebrating a big lottery win.Will the Warriors put together a modest winning streak with a win over their northern California rivals?Czechoslovakia reached the quarter-finals on the dubious claim of one win and three draws.Those Republican wins came two years after Clinton carried Ohio against Bush.McCain's win changes many things, both for himself and for Bush.Newton Aycliffe after disappointing recently at last returned to winning form with a 3-0 win over relegation candidates Usworth Village.win overA 2-1 win over Brighton and a 3-3 draw at Rotherham, however, have lifted spirits considerably.Florida's 14-11 win over ClevelandDole also faces a challenge winning over the fence-sitters.It takes too many wins over good teams to get there.Labour moderates win over four of the hard left by agreeing that the cuts shall involve as few compulsory redundancies as possible.Not that Lily had had great hopes, so early on, of winning over Robert's daughter.But will his support help Mr Giuliani to split, or even to win over, the Latino vote?