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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatisticianstat‧is‧ti‧cian /ˌstætəˈstɪʃən/ AWL noun [countable]  HMSsomeone who works with statistics
Examples from the Corpus
statisticianAccountants, personnel administrators, economists, data processing experts and statisticians are all experts in a specialised field of work.As any statistician will confirm, it is unwise to infer trends from change over a single year.Philip Redfern suggested it should become standard practice for statisticians to put their professional advice on the record.That would be left to government statisticians, who would work simultaneously to improve the index.Arguments or wars had, some group of statisticians had calculated, taken up to 89.7% of our lives.This is about twice the number that statisticians estimate were removed during all of 1995.His apparent heresy is not that of the smooth talking cleric, but the statistician specialising in the field of criminology.Not for much longer, however, thanks to those statisticians.