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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontrolling interestconˌtrolling ˈinterest noun [countable usually singular]  BFSif you have a controlling interest in a company, you own enough shares to be able to make decisions about what happens to the companycontrolling interest in The firm paid over $10 million for a controlling interest in five hotels.
Examples from the Corpus
controlling interestLate in 1886, the Charles Harrahs, father and son, bought a controlling interest.All of these are projects in which the government holds a controlling interest and in which it has a strong commercial partner.Not a controlling interest, then, but a powerful one.That will be harder to bear if there is little hope of a controlling interest in the near future.Host Marriott Corp. said it will pay $ 112. 5 million to acquire controlling interest in five hotels.Carl Zeiss has a 51 percent controlling interest in the new company.Or they could have sold that controlling interest to some one else - heaven help us!Controlling aggregate demand through controlling interest rates is made even more difficult as a result of fluctuations in the demand for money.