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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgilt-edgedˌgilt-ˈedged adjective technical  BFSgilt-edged stocks or shares do not give you much interest (=additional money) but are considered very safe as they are sold mainly by governments
Examples from the Corpus
gilt-edgedIt is understood that the Government has done nothing to discourage City expectations that it will curtail its gilt-edged buying programme.Bao Dai did indeed have gilt-edged credentials.a gilt-edged credit historyThe Bank also intended to continue the tax arrangements available to gilt-edged jobbers under the old system: 1.Normally this activity is not noticed by the investing public, only by those market professionals intimately concerned with the gilt-edged market.She crossed the room to a low dressing table with a gilt-edged mirror above it.She looked up into the gilt-edged mirror above the basin and cursed silently.The market soared, especially in government gilt-edged stock, and the pound emerged ever stronger.The new team must have some response which goes beyond tamely printing and busily marketing ream after ream of gilt-edged stock.