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sell-offˈsell-off noun [countable]  1 BFS British English the sale of an industry that the government owns, to private companies or other people2 American English the sale of a lot of stocks or shares, which makes the price decrease
Examples from the Corpus
sell-offUnless safeguards are introduced, sell-offs will occur.With the Treasury market sell-off, buyers saw higher-yielding mortgagebacked bonds as a safe harbor, traders said.Has any account been taken of the record of those advisers in past sell-offs?Yesterday, as the sell-off gained momentum, the stock plunged 31 / 4 to close at 281 / 4 on Nasdaq.With no new junk deals sold yet this year, demand outweighed pressure from the sell-off in Treasurys, traders added.Would the Minister find it acceptable if the same sort of windfall profits were made by the beneficiaries of the sell-offs?The sell-offs had a dramatic effect because some of the businesses were loss-makers which dragged down profits last time.