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tradetrade2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]BBT to buy and sell goods, services etc as your job or businesstrade with India began trading with Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.trade in The company trades in silk, tea, and other items. They had to travel into town to trade the produce from their farm.2 [intransitive]BBT British English to exist and operate as a business The firm now trades under the name Lanski and Weber.cease trading (=stop being a business because you are bankrupt)3 [transitive]BFS to buy or sell something on the stock exchange Over a million shares were traded today. Grammar Trade is usually passive in this meaning.4 trade insults/blows etc5 [intransitive, transitive] especially American EnglishEXCHANGE to exchange something you have for something someone else has syn swap British English We traded necklaces.trade something with somebody I wouldn’t mind trading jobs with her.trade (somebody) something for something I’ll trade you my camera for your drill. trade at something trade down trade something ↔ in trade something ↔ off trade on/upon something trade up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tradeThey were trading 31 lower at 1,035 earlier today."What do you have for lunch, a peanut butter sandwich?" "Want to trade?"We liked each other's clothes, so we traded.Over a million shares were traded during the day.How far depended on a firm's skills at trading for its own account.That rule calls for a one-hour trading halt if the industrial average ever falls 250 points.Japan is one of our major trading partners.Ellis was trapped after Liverpool trading standards officers, posing as dealers, smashed a nationwide network of underground sellers.The debating chamber is often simply used as a platform for trading verbal abuse.The West is accused of trading weapons for hostages.The two nations have not traded with each other for over 30 years.There was always a difficulty in obtaining enough currency, a major barrier to trading with the west.I'll trade you my baseball for those two cars.trade withThe U.S. has not traded with the country since the early '90s.cease tradingUnder the Celuform scheme, the Company guarantees that faulty workmanship and materials is put right even if the installer has ceased trading.Unfortunately Carrera have been experiencing financial difficulties and ceased trading.They represent a crystallised situation, which would have arisen if Hook Harris had ceased trading and been sold off.Of those individuals that cease trading, half enter full-time employment, further education or training programmes.The other butcher thought to be involved ceased trading in 1989.The arrangement ended on 1 January when the Soviet Union ceased trading with its former allies on a convertible rouble basis.If remedial action is not forthcoming we would cease trading with them.