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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunlistedun‧list‧ed /ʌnˈlɪstɪd/ adjective  1 BFSnot shown on an official stock exchange list2 American EnglishTCT not in the list of numbers in the telephone directory syn ex-directory British English
Examples from the Corpus
unlistedDemolition in conservation areas Permission is also needed to demolish an unlisted church in a conservation area.This has resulted in several of the unlisted equity stakes being valued at a big discount to the quoted investments.Her ex-husband, who has an unlisted number, declines through her to comment.An elderly lady in doubtful health, she was terrified, particularly when the calls continued after her unlisted number was changed.an unlisted phone numberThe state had sought automatic blocking of the numbers for callers with unlisted phone numbers.It covers trading in all listed and unlisted securities, gilts, and other fixed interest securities on the London Stock Exchange.He could suggest to Virginia Stillman that she get an unlisted telephone number.A recent survey of unlisted telephone use in the United States shows that Californians value their right to privacy.