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Topic: Swimming

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswimmingswim‧ming /ˈswɪmɪŋ/ ●●● S2 noun [uncountable]  DSSthe sport of moving yourself through water using your arms and legs Swimming is great exercise. a swimming club We went swimming on Saturday.
Examples from the Corpus
swimmingHaving looked around, he also realised just how far his reluctant running and swimming had taken him upstream.Walking, running and swimming are the best exercises you can do if you are using yourself in the correct way.The most luxurious have bars, swimming pools and air-conditioned cabins.It is also ideal for swimming, and the gentle gradient of its shores makes it safe for children.Local Activities: walks, golf, swimming pool.I lay there, my eyes and head swimming through the last forty years until sleep finally bailed me out.I've been involved in swimming since I was six.Are you likely to find the most copious quantities of conditioning in the swimming pool?Went swimming - temp 73 degrees!went swimmingIt could be why his brother went swimming in a sack.He took the green one off when he went swimming, but he always put it right on again.Or I went swimming in the sea.I went swimming, and I was so happy I cried into the sea for three-quarters of an hour.They set up a perimeter on the white sand, went swimming, dug in deep for the night.Only I knew she went swimming to try to catch death.He played tennis and golf and sometimes went swimming, determined to give no appearance of succumbing to time, to age.Trip put on an old tux and the two went swimming for $ 10,000.