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divedive2 ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONsudden movement a sudden movement in a particular direction or into a particular place πŸ”Š She made a dive for the bathroom.2 sudden fall a sudden fall in the amount, value, or success of something πŸ”Š The news put shares in a dive. πŸ”Š The team’s fortunes have taken a dive this year.3 movement downwards when something moves down through the air or water πŸ”Š Thankfully, the pilot managed to pull out of the dive and regain control.steep/vertical dive4 DSSjump a jump into deep water with your head and arms going in first5 swim the act of going under water to swim, using special equipment to help you breathe6 place informalDL a bar, club etc that is cheap and dirty7 soccer the act of falling down deliberately in order to unfairly win a freekick or a penaltyCOLLOCATIONS – Meaning 3: when something moves down through the air or waterverbsgo into a dive (=start to move downwards)The plane was in trouble, then it went into a dive.pull out of a dive (=stop a plane going down)He tried to pull out of the steep dive before hitting the ground.adjectivesa steep dive (=going down suddenly)The fighter plane went into a steep dive.a vertical dive (=going straight down)His actions sent the plane into a near vertical dive.a shallow dive (=going down slowly rather than suddenly)The bird captures its prey on the ground after a long, shallow dive.
Examples from the Corpus
diveβ€’ It was a dive, but it was the only place to go that was near the airport.β€’ Optional dives are performed in the quarterfinal, followed by required dives in the semifinal and optionals again in the final.β€’ She did a perfect dive from the top board.β€’ That was a perfect dive.β€’ Two BF109 planes flashed past in a steep dive.β€’ We prepared the bell for the dive.β€’ Nobody else in this dive has any money, and for them it will he a long cold evening.taken a diveβ€’ Time after time, companies have taken a dive, leaving a mass of dead and dying labels in their wake.β€’ I could have taken a dive along with you.β€’ Their sales have taken a dive.steep/vertical diveβ€’ He then attacked a third which went down in a vertical dive, apparently into the sea.β€’ There have been several cases of two-seaters being overstressed by pilots pulling back hard to recover from steep dives after spin recoveries.β€’ This, not his ethical problems, caused the steepest dive in his national popularity, to its current nadir.β€’ He naturally tried to recover from the steep dive before striking the ground.